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About Us

Welcome to MegaBuy Technology Superstore, Australia's leading online retailer of computer hardware, software, consumer electronics and other technology products and officially the fastest growing online IT retailer!

Thanks to continued support by our loyal customers we have placed 8th in the highly recognised BRW Fast Starters 2010 competition, which recognises young business across all industries Australia-wide. We also placed 3rd in the 2009 CRN Fast 50 competition which specifically recognises high performing resellers of Information Technology products. More recently, we have also placed 2nd in the 2010 Smart Company Smart 50 Awards and were a Finalist in the 2010 MyBusiness Awards.

MegaBuy placed 8th in BRW Fast Starters 2010 MegaBuy placed 3rd in 2009 CRN Fast 50 MegaBuy placed 2nd in 2010 Smart Company Smart 50 Awards MegaBuy was a Finalist in 2010 MyBusiness Awards
MegaBuy receiving SmartCompany Smart 50 Award

Our head office at the Pine Rivers Trade Centre just off Gympie Rd at Lawnton, on Brisbane's Northside. We currently operate two warehouses, one in Brisbane and one in Sydney, where we keep the most popular items to ensure consistent availability and fast delivery. Buying in bulk also enables us to stay extremely competitive on prices. We also ship products to our customers directly from supplier warehouses located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, to ensure lowest cost and fastest delivery to all customers around Australia.

Many people have a misconception that just because we operate predominantly online it means we don't have an office or our own warehouse and don't keep stock. This is not the case and is in large part a result of misinformation spread by competitors who are struggling to keep up. We have an office specifically fitted out to operate as a call center with cubicles, call center displays, meeting/training room, etc and warehouses with inventory, storage racks, forklifts, dispatch area and all other things one would expect to see in any warehouse. We could put up some gimmicky photos with some stock in the background and a piece of paper with "your name here" written on it like some competitors, but we don't feel the need. Instead here are some photos of our office and warehouses.

MegaBuy Technology Superstore Office - 1 MegaBuy Technology Superstore Office - 2
MegaBuy Technology Superstore Office - 3 MegaBuy Technology Superstore Office - 4
MegaBuy Technology Superstore Warehouse 1 - 1 MegaBuy Technology Superstore Warehouse 1 - 2
MegaBuy Technology Superstore Warehouse 2 - 1 MegaBuy Technology Superstore Warehouse 2 - 2

Since our inception in late 2006 we have consistently delivered our customer the lowest prices on a huge range of products available for purchase in our online store. However, what has really differentiated us from the competition is our high quality service, for which we continuously receive praise from our customers.

Unlike many online shops that are run either as a side-operation to the main bricks-and-mortar business or a part-time/one-man operation from a home office, we are a professional online retailer, with a dedicated call center and a constantly growing team of dedicated online customer service representatives, focusing full-time on providing high quality customer service to online customers. With us, online customers are always first priority.

We process hundreds of orders and enquiries each day and have processed over 100,000 order since we started operating in 2007, so you can be sure you are dealing with a company that knows a thing or two about e-commerce and makes sure that your orders and enquiries are processed quickly and efficiently.

We maintain the lowest prices on a huge range of products by:

  • Buying in bulk from suppliers and passing on the savings to our customers
  • Sourcing products from all major importers and distributors in Australia
  • Operating online and NOT passing on costs associated with expensive shop fronts in prominent locations onto our customers
  • Investing heavily into technology and automation of repetitive tasks

We provide high quality customer service to online customers by:

  • Providing a simple, fast, intuitive and informative self-service online store with up-to-date price and stock information
  • Maintaining a team of dedicated online customer service representatives ready to answer your queries via Email, Phone and Online Chat during business hours
  • Providing fast 1-2 day order delivery in metro areas
  • Using a state of the art business management system, which covers all aspects of our operations to ensure all orders and customer queries are handled effectively and efficiently

Here are some other facts about MegaBuy Technology Superstore:

  • Our directors and management have university qualifications in IT and Business, with a proven track record and experience in starting and running technology-based businesses, with over 20 years combined experience in the industry.
  • We are an accredited supplier to the Queensland Government (GiTC Version 5 Accredited Supplier No: Q-3540)
  • We are 100% Australian Owned & Operated.

To find out more about us please visit the FAQ page.

To see the feedback we receive from our customers please visit the Feedback page.

To contact us, please visit the Contact Us page.

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