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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question? You aren’t the only one! Some of the more common questions are below. Please have a read before asking our friendly staff to see if your question has been answered. This reduces multiple incoming enquiries relating to the same topic and lets us focus on getting the orders complete and delivering fast customer service to the outlying questions.

If you can’t find it below, please do Contact Us with your question and we will get back to you as soon as possible

TOP 5!

  1. How much does this product cost?
  2. Do you have this product in stock?
  3. How long is delivery for this item?
  4. How much does delivery cost?
  5. Can I pick this product up from your store?

This information is available on the product page for each item. We keep it all together for your convenience. Please see below infographic;

Example Product Information

Item costs are shown on each product page.

Out of stock items will be listed as Special Order and are available to order in.

Any product listed as Online or Online only is available to purchase with a standard delivery time of 1-3 business days to east metro areas.

Delivery costs per item are able to be calculated on the product page. For multiple items, please add them to the shopping cart.

Products available to purchase in-store will state Immediate Pick-up. Instead of placing an order through our website, please make your purchase over the counter in-store. Some other products may list they are available to be shipped to the store.

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