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Enterprise Grade SNMP Monitoring

Enigma is a market disruptor in the Enterprise Network Management, Monitoring and Managed Services Tools sectors. It has comprehensive unique features, industry best practices, enterprise design, extensive scalability, automation and stability. The low cost, flexible pricing model allows our customers to manage, monitor, report and alert on everything across their entire enterprise, OT and IoT infrastructures, regardless of their size or complexity. Enigma provides substantial visibility and full environmental awareness, enabling network professionals to be more proactive in fault prediction, detection, analysis, reporting and efficient decision making.

QoS and Traffic Analysis

In enterprise environment, where network performance becomes critical business factor, is not enough, just to provide network connectivity.

Enterprise Network Management

The environment at enterprise networks usually consists of thousands of network nodes of various types, spanned across large distances and…

Security and Data Integrity

The effectiveness of enterprise network management system directly related to the quality of data it relies upon. As they say:“ Garbage in – Garbage out” .

About this product

Enigma features include: All Performance Metrics (60 seconds polling, for up to 5 years with no averaging), Traffic Analyzer, Configuration Management, QoS, Syslog, SNMP Traps, Environmental Monitoring, Applications, VMs, IPSLA, MPLS, Routers, Switches, Servers, Firewalls, WAN Optimisers, WLC, UPS, VLANs, SNMPv3, TELCO Services with unlimited multi-tenant and multi-vendor support.

Enigma is fully VM complaint and the only Enterprise NMS Solution, which offers FREE High Availability deployments, providing 100% Business Continuity at no cost to our clients. Commonly Enigma servers are online for many years without a reboot, this is due to Enigma running on the most reliable industry-standard Linux operation systems. Enigma provides seamless integration with existing 3rd party systems via comprehensive, highly customizable REST API Services, Alert Forwarding and custom scripting.

Ever since its first deployment in 2006, Enigma NMS uses a rapid Development Roadmap, which is based on our customers’ feedback and new operational and monitoring requirements to ensure new features, technologies, bug fixes and security updates are delivered to our customers in a timely fashion.

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  • One Server
  • Huge Scalability
  • Zero Maintenance
  • High Availability

Why would I use this over my existing solution?

How does it compare in price?

Suitable for any budget including free 20 node licens, flexible and customizable pricing model.

How does it perform?

Very stable, can run for years without reboot, 60 seconds polls without averaging for 5 years.

How easy is it to setup and get going?

Is it one click configuration?

No, but very close.

I'm using Zabbix at the moment, why should I consider Enigma?